Vibe for $5 Tees

We call them VIBE for 5.  These tees are a staple to our brand and who we are as a community.  We believe that whatsoever we do we should do it purposefully, with intent.  Our first release was the VIBE purposefully tee.  This tee sported a hand drawn font done by our brand's creator.  It was a take on our thoughts around "good vibes only." How can one be about good vibes only when we are immersed in a world that radiates negative vibes?  Especially in the current climate of our country, and the state of the world, globally. 

We hashed out some dialog among ourselves and what we were left with is that in order to radiate good vibes you have to to do with intent. We have to make a choice what we will spend our energy on, and what we will give focus and attention to as move about our day. Negativity is necessary to bring about balance and peace.  There has to be some force at work against you.  Think of how gravity works.  No, this isn't a science lesson or a talk on physics, but rather just a thought for you to see the importance of negativity.  You don't have to focus on it to know it is there.  

We at Purpose thrive on the silver lining, the peace in the midst of the chaos, and the joy in the face of sadness.  These elements do not mean the lack of the opposite, but rather it is can you have it in the midst of negativity.  YES.  This is the premise of VIBE, purposefully.  Despite what is happening around me I choose to focus on the positive. Situations will arise, and troubles will ensue, but they do not have to overtake us; they do not have to win. Vibing intentionally says I radiate this energy for a purpose. Have you picked up your VIBE tee yet? For the cost of a Taco Bell Box you can share our vibe with others for months to come.  2019 we are choosing to VIBE purposefully.