The Basis of Our Brand...

Welcome to the brand where purpose meets design. When you think about the word purpose, what comes to mind? Drive, sacrifice, compassion? Is your purpose an adjective or a verb? Do you live your purpose every day? Imagine a brand that allows you to make a statement about the purpose you were born for, a brand that knows the true cost of purpose. A brand that provides affordable quality threads that allow you to live in purpose. Purpose Threads.

Here at Purpose Threads we strive to create a community of followers that live in purpose. It does not matter if you have found your purpose in life or not, we will strive to encourage each of you to discover and rediscover just what purpose means to you.

In a world of profits there are so many designs to choose from but none will compare to the compassion and purpose that you will receive when you shop with Purpose Threads.

Well what does this mean for customers? This means that every design was thoughtfully created to support a vision in the lives of our supporters. This means that you will no longer need to shop expensive brands to receive the best quality in threads. This means YOU WILL receive a FREE message with every purchase, to encourage the purpose in your life. The cost of purpose is high, but your clothing does not have to be.

Our brand believes in the one who paid it all. Purpose Threads is proud to offer resources and encouragement to everyone, to ensure that we all find our place, our purpose in the world.

If you are not satisfied with any purchases you make here please contact us at (email here) and we will do our best to provide the best customer service experience to you within 48 hours.

What makes us different? Our desire to bring you premium quality fabrics with transparent (honest) pricing.  We only sell directly to you online so you don’t pay middlemen any markups. That means you get top-quality premium products for around half the price of traditional retail.